Monday, February 1, 2010

Business Automation

Every business has repetitive tasks that are being performed by humans. This is an enormous waste of manpower.

Whenever you have a routine, repetitive task it is better to assign that work to a machine. A machine can perform the work faster and with zero errors. Machines don't get tired, bored, disgruntled or frustrated.

Inevitably, it is the workers in the least challenging jobs that cause the most trouble. They are typically the one's congregating around the coffee machine and encouraging other workers to slack off. Their work is boring so they have plenty of time to goof off.

Human workers are perfect for tasks that require judgement and the application of complex reasoning. By automating the "dead head" work you free up your staff for more productive (and rewarding) work. You keep employees stimulated and challenged which increases morale and productivity.

Do you have employees working on dead head tasks? You can benefit from automation.

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