Monday, January 18, 2010

Did You Notice?

Happy New Year!

Did you notice? Consumer confidence is up. Holiday sales didn't exactly break any records, but sales were higher than expected.

Some super shoppers are still in withdrawal from tighter budgets - their poor credit cards rust in disuse. Frugal is now chic, hip and cool. And everyone's angry at gas prices.

We're finding the new normal for consumption patterns. The economy isn't Wall Street or the President nor even The Fed. Ten percent unemployment sucks but that means there's still 90% of us making money.

The economy is 150 million Americans buying goods and services. It's groceries, bills, that great sweater you bought and even fees for ticket defense lawyers.  It's when we stop being afraid and start buying again that the economy moves out of recession. Not government stimulus.

Once consumer confidence rises after a crisis, new spending patterns emerge.

So, did you notice?

2010 is the year we bounce back. This is the moment in every crisis where opportunities abound. Once a new normal is established, people's priorities realign. New services become valuable. New problems need products to solve them.

If you can do something great, then do it. Don't be mediocre. Be remarkable. This is the year you grow your business. This is the year you finally start chasing your dream.

Did you notice?

So... what are you going to do about it?

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