Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twitter Promotion

When you first get onto Twitter, it is tough to figure out who to follow and how to get your own followers. There are plenty of fascinating people on Twitter but with millions of users, it's easy to get caught by spam accounts and fake dating profiles. You need a frame of reference to help you identify the right people.

Are you working on building your business presence on social media? Are you trying to promote your website or blog?

Tweetpromote is a free app that could help.

This application will help you find people who share your interests and who need your products or services. With a single click you can explore friends and followers, plus your friends' friends and followers. You'll see pictures, bios and recent tweets. If they catch your attention, you can easily follow them.

Tweetpromote also has a keyword search function that helps you find people who are talking about things that interest you. You can then insert yourself into the conversation if you have something to offer.

What Tweetpromote lacks in cutting edge features and innovation, it makes up for with a clean, intuitive user interface. Plus, it’s free, and getting started takes no time at all.

Tweetpromote won't get you 1000’s of followers in a week. But it can help you expand your Twitter network in a meaningful way.

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