Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mind Mapping Tool

Mind mapping is an effect way to organize your thoughts. It's also a great way to prepare for projects or events. It's all about getting you brainstorming sessions organized into logical units for future execution.

XMind is an open source program that help you brainstorm ideas, visualize concepts and classify your ideas. You can use these mind maps privately or share them online and get input from your team.

XMind is pretty easy to use. The tabbed interface lets you work on several maps at the same time. A sidebar provides details about the map that you've selected. There are plenty of templates or you can just start from scratch.

XMind supports comments, images, hyperlinks and files so you can express yourself completely. Double click to edit topics or create them anywhere on your map. You can organize your topics using drag and drop or by adding attachments.

Do you need to research a topic? You can Google anything without leaving your mind map window. Plus you can even drag images into your map.

You can even use XMind to make a presentation, filtering information based on your custom labels. Your audience can focus on a single point or be able to visualize your entire idea. You can even record audio notes as attachments.

XMind has the ability to separate smaller aspects as multi-maps and then merge into a single map when needed. All maps can be exported to many formats including Word, PPT and PDF/RTF.

XMind is an easy to use tool with lots of extras for you to share ideas and brainstorm efficiently.  Check it out!

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