Friday, November 27, 2009

The Triumph of the Commons

The title of this piece comes from a brilliant article from Kevin Kelly's New Rules for the New Economy. He touches a very valid and important point.

The New Economy is being born before our very eyes. The upheaval and chaos of the markets is connected to it. We are entering into a global, wired, agile economy and the old one has to go.

We are moving into a new economy with new rules. Those who figure out those rules will thrive. The rules aren't completely known yet but we know it's built on "attention, community, standards, and shared intelligence."

But something else is happening.

The world is changing. Iranians tweet to organize demonstrations. Palestinian youths blog about peace with Israel. Everywhere we are seeing a change. Our global cultures are meeting online and intermingling.

Some are using the internet to spread hatred, bigotry, small mindedness and idolatry, but I really don't want to make this post about Glenn Beck. Human nature has a dark side. Always has and always will.  But that doesn't apply to everyone online.

Many are sharing and listening. We are exchanging ideas, beliefs, fears, loves, hopes, dreams and we are coming to realize that we really aren't so different.

I don't pretend that we will ever achieve world peace, but I know that the internet is bringing us closer. It's making it easier to hear one another, to listen. Attention is the real currency of the new economy. Without attention, you are just a voice shouting in the online wilderness.

We the People are the real masters of the new economy. Where we congregate, what we give our attention, that is what will matter.

I highly recommend you read that article.


  1. I saw your LinkedIn Q&A post about the survey and decided to check out your blog and other information before completing the survey. I like to know a little about people before I commit.

    You had me interested until I read the above entry and your completely unnecessary and errant comment about Glenn Beck. I'm uncomfortable at times with Beck's style but nobody has been more correct factually or provided better sourced information.

    Even slight details reveal much.

  2. I agree it makes sense to check people's online claims. It's important to know who you are mixing up with.

    The point you are completely missing about my Glenn Beck comment is that it was a joke.

    And you are completely correct, slight details reveal much. Not just about the commenter but about their followers as well.