Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Software Customization : How We Work

Honestly, this is one of my favorites. Sometimes your business has a need that cannot be solved using an off-the-shelf software. When this problem strikes, the answer is for you to just scratch your own itch - and design custom software.

Custom software is not anywhere near as expensive as you might think. Globalization has opened up the floodgates and now incredibly talented programmers compete all over the world. My last software project involved programmers from Ukraine, India, China and Brazil. The entire project took a little less than a month and cost $5000!

If you have ever thought to yourself "If only we could..." then I am here to tell you that You Can!

The first step of any custom software project is to define the exact scope of the job. I will work with you to exactly define your needs and your desired end result. Once that is done, I will design your new software's interface for your approval. From there it moves to the programmers. As they produce results, you will be able to kick the tires and provide feedback.

Once we have the finished product, I unleash my testers to beat on the code and try to make it break. This is the time that the programmers get to sweat in fear. Once my testers are happy with it, then it's your turn to beat up on it. All comments are sent back to the programmers and they get back to work.
The beauty of custom software is that it works exactly how you need it to work. There are so many programmers now that their rates are dirt cheap. That means developing custom software has never been cheaper.

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