Monday, October 19, 2009

End Cord Hell

I hate cord hell. You know what I mean. More electronics means more power cords. At home we must have 500 different cables to power gadgets, gizmos, tools, contraptions and even the occasional apparatus.

Miles of cables litter the world. Tangled, snarled, kinked, lost and those unknown ones you don't want to throw away...just in case.

Now, for $100 you can buy a PowerMat and end cord hell.

Just buy the mat and the applicable receiver. You connect a receiver to your consumer electronics devices (cell phones, iPods, whatever) and then put it on the mat. The device will start recharging automatically. No more cords!

They also offer custom receviers for certain devcices, including the iPod and the iPhone, Blackberry and Nintendo DS. Of course, they offer a universal receiver too.

I've been following this technology for some time. I remember first reading about it in 2005.  I am happy to see it is finally available as a consumer product. I can't wait to get mine!

Are you ordering one? Let me know in the comments below! If you already have one, I'd love to hear about it too.

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