Monday, June 15, 2009

Doing Something Right

Something very strange happened to me yesterday...I received my very first death threat.
I've been threatened before; usually by someone in close proximity who is angry with me for whatever reason. However, this one was different. There was a tone to it that caught my attention. There was a geniune sense of rage and rancor in the message which I never experienced before.
Why was this guy so pissed off at me?
Because of my book Nearly Free IT.
This guy is an IT consultant and he feels that my book is a direct assault on his business.  He thinks I am a threat to him and his livelihood.
I remember joking with the Bald Headed Freak (BHF; my biz partner) about this scenario but I never thought it would really happen. It's hard to believe anyone would take the time to send such a hateful email just because I point out that times are a-changin'.
So, to this misguided fellow, all I have to say is don't blame the messenger. The Cloud Paradigm was coming whether I wrote my book or not.  The question isn't how to stop the inevitable, but rather how you should adapt to the new realities we are all facing.
Instead of threatening me, maybe you should refocus your energy in a more positive direction.
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