Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7 Ways to Destroy the Competition

1. Be leaner.
Don't spend your money on silly purchases. Buy only what will make your business better. Constantly re-evaluate your workflow to see if it can be improved.

2. Be ferocious.
If your competitor is drowning, go get a hose. Times are tough for everybody. You have to grab onto success, beat it, drag it back to your cave and then eat it. Caveman style.

3. Be social.
Get involved in the conversation! Right now you have the potential to speak to millions of people around the world. Get online!

4. Be concise.
Time is in short supply. Don't waste it. Tell me the benefits of your product/service. Eliminate all jargon.

5. Be direct.
Don't be afraid to ask for the sale. Don't be afraid to state your opinions. Get to the point.

6. Be aware.
There is no excuse for being ignorant. Keep your ear to the ground. Keep tabs on the competition and what they are doing. Thwart them at every opportunity.

7. Be savvy.
Smarts matter. Not just book smarts, but street smarts too. Know which way the wind is blowing. Plan ahead and benefit from change.

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