Monday, February 23, 2009

Why I Hate Award Shows

I hate award shows. In my opinion they are a complete waste of time. My wife loves them so I make a point of watching a few minutes with her. Typically I watch the opening act then I vanish until she calls me back for the major awards.

Last night's Oscar's were no different. Hollywood proves time and again that the only thing they are good at is self-aggrandizement. Frankly, I cannot comprehend why people are so interested in the outcome of an award that has no direct impact on their lives. I couldn't care less who wins Best Editor. It has no bearing on my life.

Now, if Meryl Streep launched herself out of her seat and attacked Kate Winslet, I would be writing a very different post. Unfortunately, the Oscars never turn violent. I think it would dramatically help with ratings if Will Smith had to knock someone out.

Also, they need to make them shorter. I don't understand why it takes four hours to hand out awards to the rich and mighty. They should cut the Oscars down to just the ten awards everyone cares about.

I have vented enough and I have real work to do. Death to Award Shows!

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