Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Old Computing Paradigm

The computing paradigm we are most used to is the desktop paradigm. This is where one user has access to a single computer which processes and stores all the user's information. This model makes the specific computer incredibly important to the user since everything of importance is on that computer. The failure or loss of that one computer could be devastating to the user.

This paradigm is based firmly on the development of the Intel x86 processors in 1978. For the first time in history, cheap processing power made it possible for the birth of the personal computer revolution. Now it is not uncommon of households to have more computers than people!

But this paradigm is unstable. In a highly mobile world, being chained to a single computer is no longer acceptable. Small businesses are required to do more with less and to do it faster than ever before. That means we can no longer be chained to a single machine. We can no longer be slaves to the whims of a single computer which can fail at any moment.

We need to accept that the old paradigm is dying and a new one is being born. We are at the forefront of another paradigm shift brought about by technology. The importance of the individual computer is over. Information is what truly matters! How you access, manipulate, examine and store that information is the major change that is coming with the new computing paradigm.

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