Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Executive Summary: Twitter

This Executive Summary if for Joe H. This video is far better than any explanation I could offer you. Enjoy.

Subject: Twitter

Explanation: is a web service that provides users the ability to broadcast short messages to their audience. These messages are called "Tweets." Your audience is based on those fellow members of the Twitter service that have chosen to "Follow" your tweets. Originally contrived to allow close friends and relatives to remain in constant contact, it has since come to include business-minded people who are using it to market their services. Excessive marketing will cause others to stop following you, however.

Cost: Free to join then the only remaining investment is time.

Recommendation: The best means to grow your number of followers is to register as a follower on multiple popular people's messages. For example, basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal (Twitter user name: THE_REAL_SHAQ ) is an active Twitter user boasting over 16,000 followers. Also, posting witty and pithy comments will also attract followers.

At the very least, you should register your name and as many logical variants as possible to avoid potential online identity theft. This is the reason why Shaq became a Twitter user to squelch someone who had stolen his identity on Twitter.

Constant tweeting is not mandatory but you will want to maintain a steady stream if you wish to grow your followers. To avoid losing followers, mix several non-commercial tweets with advertisements to keep a safe mix. Some people tweet famous quotes, others send humorous messages, or you can always provide an update of what you are working on.

Analogy: Maintaining an online mini-journal.

Associated Jargon: Micro-blogging, status updates, followers, following, Tweet

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