Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Once again we are facing the gluttony of Thanksgiving. Once again I will be spending the day eating at three different places and miserably sick to my stomach. However, I still want to list those things for which I am thankful:
  1. My wife who after 11 years still doesn't understand my madness but loves me anyway
  2. My daughter who learns card tricks to scam money from her mother
  3. My son who is the crawling terror of South Florida; the future trembles
  4. My business partner who is definitely the brains behind this operation
  5. My parents who keep giving me sage advice and unconditional love
  6. My in-laws who still don't understand what I do for a living
  7. My friends, near and far, who I abuse by not returning their calls; sorry, I'm a jerk
  8. My customers who recognize the value of our services and advice
  9. My health which remains good even though I keep pushing my luck
  10. And lastly, the TiVo which is the only thing I missed during our family vacation
Happy Thanksgiving!

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