Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why ERP Is Better

Any company, regardless of market, requires an integrated solution for human resource management, project management, process management and accounting. The best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems will allow leadership to make time critical decisions that directly impact profits.

For example, Marvel Entertainment, the owners of comic book intellectual properties like Spider-Man, relies on Oracle Accelerate to track their endless licensing and merchandising agreements. In addition to streamlining manufacturing and distribution processes, their ERP system helped to identify properties that were undervalued. As a result, Marvel executives now know how to maximize ROI on all their intellectual property.

Within months of the installation of Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics ERP system, Excalibur Electronics, the executive gift manufacturer, identified a series of minor cost overruns in several product lines. Individually these loses were minor but collectively they amounted to a significant decline in profits. Using this information, Excalibur was able to substantially reduce overall costs of goods sold and bolster sagging profit margins. Without the reporting capability of the ERP system, Excalibur would have eventually failed.

In another example, T-Mobile deployed the Oracle Accelerate process management solution to discover which European customers were most likely to switch carriers. By integrating these findings into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, T-Mobile successfully reduced customer churn with special offers to high value accounts.

In most cases, company leadership has chosen to integrate solutions to work in conjunction with existing systems. Therefore, an ERP implementation does not require a "start from scratch" mindset. In truth, you can leverage existing technology investments and integrate them with any ERP system.

With new software modules that offer out-of-the-box functionality and significantly shorter implementation times, ERP is within reach for most companies. When you are ready to start working proactively (instead of reactively) then contact R-Squared Computing for an ERP consultation.

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