Sunday, March 9, 2008

Executive Summary: Web 2.0

Subject: Web 2.0 AKA Social Web

Explanation: Internet technologies that allow people to create their own content and recommend quality content to each other.

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Department: Marketing

Cost: Minimal.

Recommendation: Business should seriously consider becoming involved in the social web. It is an excellent method for inexpensive marketing. Honesty matters, as has been proved by companies that blundered in their early attempts. Using the medium as a traditional marketing avenue is a significant error and many have been burned for it. If you intend to hire someone to handle your Web 2.0 marketing efforts make sure to keep the communications open, straightforward and honest.

Analogy: Web 2.0 is like putting your message in a bottle and throwing it into a sea of bottles. If your message is picked up by an audience, congratulations.

Associated Jargon: Blog or web log, social networking, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Digg

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