Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book Review: Choose the Moose! An Outrageous way for ANY Organization to Thrive through its Employees

I just finished this excellent book by Peter Cicero. The book describes a simple yet powerful method to help transform any business through its employees. By studying nature and what animals do to survive in the wild, Cicero has developed an awesome way for anyone to thrive in any business environment. It is a short easy read with ideas and concepts which you will be able to put into instant action.

I also enjoyed how this book uses narrative storytelling to explain key concepts. I also liked that the author provided a simple summary of the key concepts along the way. I remember thinking there is a very Chinese Kung Fu-like element to this book. As you might know, the Chinese kung-fu masters studied nature to design combat styles. Paul Cicero uses a similar technique to develop a business philosophy.

I really think Cicero is on to something. I think the MOOSE might just be the next big management concept. Check it out, it is worth the time and money.

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